At Coaching Ink our workshops provide a combination of psycho-education, practical activities, self-reflection and ongoing action plans. 

The theories, techniques and methods used in the workshops are based on empirical studies from the field of coaching psychology, acceptance commitment training, positive psychology, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural coaching and sports psychology. 

We tailor our workshops to the specific needs of the team we are working with and will endeavour to understand the organisations current challenges prior to conducting the workshop.

Resilience: The science behind bouncing back

Resilience seems to be the new buzzword in organisations; it is the ability to adapt to stress and adversity. This workshop unpacks what is means to be a resilient person and incorporates a number of psychological theories and techniques, such as thinking traps, hope theory, optimism and mindfulness. The workshop aims to help participants recognise current behavioural and cognitive patterns that may be undermining their levels of resilience and also provide tools to overcoming major setbacks in the future.

Creating a high performance culture

The term ‘high performance’ is often misunderstood in many organisations. This workshop breaks down many of the myths behind the ‘high performance culture’ and applies it to the participant’s current workplace. It incorporates popular theories used in sports psychology, such as mental toughness, flow and attention training to help team members thrive in today’s increasingly stressful working environment.

Mental Health Awareness

With one in five Australians experiencing mental illness every year, mental health awareness is becoming increasingly vital in today’s workplaces. This workshop aims to increase the knowledge and skills of employees and managers to help them address mental health conditions in the workplace. It focuses on developing a robust understanding of mental illness, specifically depression and anxiety, increases confidence to support someone of concern, and it provides helpful advice on creating a mentally healthy workplace.

Motivation: Finding flow at work

This workshop is based on Mihaly Csikszantmihalyi’s well-known investigations into “optimal experience”, known as flow. When in flow, people typically experience deep enjoyment, creativity and total involvement with the task. This workshop will introduce the concept of flow and will demonstrate ways in which team members can construct and control flow in their daily tasks, ultimately creating more positive experiences at work.

A new approach to confidence

This workshop is based on a new approach to responding to self-esteem and confidence issues, called Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT). The approach has found a great deal of empirical support; it focuses on techniques of mindfulness and engaging in the present moment. This workshop is aimed at helping team members build a new understanding of confidence and equip them with basic tools and techniques for overcoming limiting behaviours both in the workplace, and in their personal life.

3:1 Ratio and high performing teams

This presentation has been developed to drive a positive and collaborative team culture. It is based on the Losada research of high-performing business teams. Losada argues that teams with an approximate 3:1 ratio of positive to negative interactions are more open to new ideas, better at overcoming setbacks, and are more responsive to one another. The presentation will involve a quick ‘pulse check’ to assess the teams view of current interactions, an education piece around the 3:1 ratio and an action plan to encourage ongoing behaviour change.

Using your strengths to make you better

This presentation explores the concept of “signature strengths” and how calling on such strengths can improve wellbeing, satisfaction and meaning in all areas of life, particularly in work settings. The workshop provides a profile to ascertain each team members signature strengths and shares tools to develop these further. It will also encourage innovative ways of utilising the unique strengths of the team to overcome challenges and achieve targets.

Happiness: An evidence based approach to feeling happy at work

Happiness is linked to greater productivity, performance and engagement, whilst also being associated with lower levels of depression and anxiety. Happiness is a science and this workshop shares the most recent scientific evidence from the field of Positive Psychology. Participants will discover their current base-line happiness and will learn practical strategies and tools to boost happiness levels. This workshop is aimed at helping team members understand the importance of happiness, how it is linked to core values and how much control we have over it.