What's this thing called work-life balance?

Date Night – a romantic dinner at Cafe Sicilia complete with red wine, candle light and a very delicious (but very cheesy) heart shaped dessert.

As foodie I was in my element but no matter how hard I tried I struggled to pull my mind away from the urge to check my @coachingink twitter account. How many followers now!?

Much to the frustration of my partner, many dinner conversations are now spent discussing my next big idea or newest strategy.

As a small business owner I have been dealing with a new understanding of what work-life balance means.

Back when I was a typical corporate professional I was dedicated to doing a good job, I worked long hours and said yes to everything. Work-life balance was always a mystical creature, but one which was much more easy to define. For me it was the ability to ‘let go’ of the day when I left the office. I wasn’t always successful, but it was achievable.

When I started Coaching Ink, as a means to follow my passion and to change the way people exist at work, I originally envisaged being able to incorporate more of this so called work-life balance. However, I am now, more often than not, left scrambling for new ways of dealing with a different level of work commitment. I really love what I do, but I also value spending quality time with my family and friends.

So this got me thinking, when we transition into a new phase of life, or a new career, should we spend some time re-evaluating what work-life balance means at that point in time? What are the new boundaries? What are the new rules? What activities create enjoyment? What tasks augment achievement and meaning?

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