Not enough time to do it all? Try this...

Work-life balance is one of those overused and frequently misunderstood concepts. Whether you are studying at university, working part time, trying to juggle multiple family commitments or working long hours, chances are you will know the overwhelming feeling of not having enough time to do it all.

The challenge with work-life balance is that it radiates an image of a life that has a 50/50 percentage of time at work – achieving our professional goals, and at home – spending quality time with family, friends or just doing the things we personally feel rewarding and enjoyable.

However, what we know is that a perfect 50/50 work-life balance is rarely achievable.

In reality, work-life balance will mean different things to different people. It is about finding a ‘balance’ that works for you, your family and your own personal needs. More importantly, is vital to re-assess what work-life balance means for you at different times and transition periods in your life.

To help you define what work-life balance means to you right now, ask yourself:

• Where are you now? Identify what you are unhappy about with your current work-life situation.

• Where do you want to be? Think about where you ideally want to be. What would that look like? What would be different to how it is now?

• What are the current boundaries or obstacles? Think about what may prevent you from achieving your ideal work-life.

Now challenge yourself to think about how you can overcome these obstacles AND work towards your ideal work-life balance.

• What do you need to do? What action do you need to take to get to where you want to be? Who can support you along the way?

A qualified, evidence-based coach can help you find your personal work-life balance and guide you to make progressive steps towards making it a reality.