Dealing with loss

An old colleague of mine recently lost her battle with cancer. I had lost contact with her but had some great memories of large Friday nights out and even sharing a birthday together at Lord Nelson Pub.

I was really saddened by the news that this well respected, young, successful and beautiful mother had lost her battle with cancer. Loosing someone, be it someone close, someone estranged, a family member, or even a pet  is an incredibly difficult thing to experience.

On one hand it can be debilitating, particularly when moving through the early stages of grief, and on the other, it can lead to change and whats known as post-traumatic growth. For me, loosing contact with such an amazing woman made me re-evaluate my values and connections. I have since made contact with some very special people and I plan to make more time for close relationships. I guess out of loss came something positive. A way of me making meaning from a negative event.

This whole experience got me thinking about how we learn to cope with loss. How do we learn to live our lives without loved ones? How can we continue to strive and re-engage through the sadness?

If your struggling with grief and loss please contact a professional.  

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