Kelly Fischl | Founder & Coaching Psychology Consultant

The early days.... 

With a keen interest in working with people, I commenced my career sourcing talent for AMEX and CBA. After gaining exposure to the recruitment industry, and simultaneously completing a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and Bachelor of Commerce (HRM), I decided focus my career on the development and management of people within teams and organisations.

As a HR specialist, within the financial services and insurance industry, I worked on a number of people-focused initiatives. During this time I worked hard to understand the business, their key targets and unique challenges. This enabled me to provide tailored advice and support on all people related issues. During my career in HR I developed a passion for human motivation and engagement. 

The tipping point.... 

Working within a stressful, constantly changing and often demanding corporate environment, I started to lose my motivation, passion and drive.  I was feeling burnt-out and stressed-out. I was continually sick and would spend every holiday in bed or on some form of antibiotics. I was dealing with feelings of anxiety and depression. 

It was at this lowest point I realised I wasn't living my life, but instead, the life I thought I "should" be living. The life where striving for promotions, pay rises, excellent performance reviews and stretch goals were the norm. But this life, that I had diligently work so hard for, simply wasn't for me. So I stopped. 

The birth of Coaching Ink....

In 2010 I set out on my own career transition journey. I completed a Master of Applied Science (Psychology of Coaching) at the University of Sydney, and it was through this course I found hope that there was a better way to exist at work. One which was characterised by resilience, confidence, optimism, flow and meaning. 

Inspired and driven to share my learning and knowledge about Coaching Psychology and evidence-based coaching, I launched Coaching Ink Pty Ltd as a vehicle for creating high-performing, flourishing and thriving workplaces.

I now work with an array of clients from different backgrounds, different industries and with different professional aspirations. Despite these differences, they all have a few things in common; they are no longer satisfied with the status quo and they all want to live a more fulfilling and authentic life. 

But there's more to me than just work... 

When Im not working on Coaching Ink or working with clients, you can find me helping Wollongong Animal Rescue Network, as a foster carer. Being #CoveredInKittens is my favourite hashtag and so accurately describes my nights! 

I am passionate about living a balanced life, so when not working, I can be found riding Aussie my quarter horse, walking my dog Harriet, or enjoying some wine and cheese with my husband, Rupert. 

Kelly - Coaching Psychology Consultant

Education & Qualifications

  • Master of Applied Science (Psychology of Coaching)
  • Accredited in Hogan Personality Profile
  • Level 1 Executive Coaching (IECL)
  • ACT Training Part 1
  • Bachelor of Commerce (HRM)
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
  • Certified Practitioner with AHRI
  • Professional Member with CDAA

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